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A Pick and Mix OFF LIVE

A Pick and Mix OFF LIVE

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Pick and Mix your favorites is now available OFF LIVE! We will open a limted number of pick and mix that you can custom create HOWEVER it will not be picked during a live.  We will pick it the next day and it will ship in 24-36 hours.  


It is very important you pick the correct number of items in your pick and mix if anything pick a couple extra.  We reserve the right to substitute if you do not pick the enough items as we cannot ship 1 pound of 1 item.  We try very hard to keep a fully stocked inventory, however we do occasionally run out of an item or cannot get it from our distributor. We reserve the right to substitute or leave it out.  

***HEAT WARNING*** Please know that all candy has the possibility of melting.
Northern Freeze is not responsible for melted or damaged candy. Ice Packs are available for purchase. 


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